How God really works through us

So, we’re on this journey with God to fulfill the plan He has for us. Maybe you’re looking around and don’t understand how you got where you are, maybe you don’t know where you’re going, or maybe you have it all figured out (more power to you because I am the FURTHEST from that). Whatever it is – the one thing I know is God has BIG dreams for you. He has a calling on your life that is so big, sometimes it might seem a little overwhelming to our human minds.

While I was reading a passage in the bible, that I have read many times throughout my life, God revealed something to me. When Jesus fed five thousand with five loaves and two fish – I believe this was a little preview of how He was going to commission us to feed His children. I have never read this passage like this but, God has placed such a sweet hunger on my heart lately to fill my heart up with His word more than my head. Since that has been my prayer, He has taught me and He has grown me in so many ways.

I believe that how Jesus worked with His disciples here in Mark 6 represents how He works through us, even today!

  1. Jesus says “Let’s go off by ourselves to a quiet place and rest awhile” (Mark 6:31)
    This is when God draws you into His presence and prepares your heart. This is when we discover His love, accept Him as our savior, and teaches us, grows us, and prepares us for the calling that He has on our lives.
  2. Jesus says “you feed them” (6:37)
    This is when He lays a calling on your heart. This is when you have this burning passion sitting on your heart to do something out of love, for His kingdom. Whatever it is that God has laid on your heart (that lines up with His word), that keeps you up at night, that just pulls on your heart so much that you have to do something about it. The passions He has given you and the creative ideas He has revealed to you, this is Him saying to you, “You feed them.” This is His commission to you to go out and further His kingdom in the unique way He has planned for you.
  3. The disciples say “We would have to work months to earn enough to feed all of these people” (6:37)
    This is when our flesh begins to put up a fight. This is when the war for our purpose begins. This is when we try to rely on what we have, our own ability,  and our own knowledge. This is when the enemy reminds us what “little” we have to try and distract us from what God can do through us. This is when we have to overcome our flesh, step out on faith and remind the enemy who called us and who holds us.
  4.   “Then Jesus told the disciples to..” (6:39)
    This is when Jesus steps in and gently guides us. See, when He calls us to do something, He doesn’t just say “Okay! Figure it out!” No, He guides us | every step of the way |. In this account that we see in Mark, Jesus could have just as easily told the crowd what to do, but instead He guides the disciples in what to do. He did this to see their obedience and test their faith. He prepares us, calls us, and guides us to fulfill the calling He has on our life so that we can play such a sweet part in furthering His kingdom.
  5. The disciples did what Jesus said, and gave Him all they had (6:40)
    This is where our part comes in. We have to be obedient to what God is telling us. We have to be willing to step out, let go and let God.  We may only have five loaves and two fish to feed thousands but, as soon as we surrender to God, all we have, He can do far more with it than we ever could. We have to be obedient to line ourselves up with what He is calling us to do and surrender all to Him and – Him work through our lives.
  6. “Then Jesus took the five loaves and two fish.. and blessed them, He kept giving.” (6:41)
    This is what God does when we trust Him with the little we have. He takes it, blesses it and multiplies it. He builds our faith by showing us how BIG of a God He really is and how He can do exceedingly and abundantly more than we could ever ask, thing, or imagine with the little we have… and then He KEEPS giving. All we have to do is trust Him with the little we have and He will do big things to impact His kingdom, through us. The cool part about this – WE get to be a part of this.
  7.  “They all ate as much as they wanted and the disciples picked up twelve baskets of loaves and fish” (6:42)
    When we have been prepared and called, we have been obedient, we have trusted Him with what He has given us, and we begin to see Him use us in a big way, we are SO blessed. Fulfilling the purpose God has put you (and only you) on this earth for and living life to the fullest for Him, blesses us more than anything else this side of heaven. We walk around and see the good work God has done through us and we can fill the basket of our hearts up so much that when we see Jesus at the end of this short life – He can say “Well done good and faithful servant.”

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